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We welcome you to join the Cyberpower Academy – your e-advisory for unlocking trust in remote business! 

The Academy was founded based on recognising that leaders and teams appreciate a go-to shared space to get answers to the most pressing questions for building trust in the remote workplace.

Trust is crucial for establishing meaningful work relationships in teams and with clients. In hybrid and remote work environments, it is imperative to establish digital trust to ensure the business's continuity. Explore the Cyberpower Academy offering to implement appropriate safeguards and consistently demonstrate trustworthiness in all interactions.

Start your Cyberpower subscription and gain access to the best-in-class courses for remote work. Achieve your 2023 business goals by optimising business design, creating a thriving culture, and safeguarding your digital assets.

Optimising Business Design for Success

The key to a successful transformation to a remote-first business model is approaching it with a clear understanding of its potential benefits and challenges.

Consequently, successful transformation needs careful planning and analysis to ensure that all aspects of the business are acknowledged. The roadmap resulting from the carefully conducted analysis is the guidance for proper implementation.

Determining your company's unique position in the market and defining your target audience is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage. Use our Remote Business Maturity Assessment to evaluate your company's readiness for remote work and fine-tune your digital communication to align with your brand voice. Harvest immediate benefits from our Cyberpower offering.

Determining Strategic Positioning

Determine your company's unique position in the market for its offerings, and define your target audience and overall value proposition for gaining a competitive advantage.
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Remote Readiness

Analysis comes before action. Use the Remote Business Maturity Assessment to evaluate the company's remote readiness to unlock the benefits of remote work.
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Fine-tuning and Aligning  Outreach

Having established your brand voice by outlining your brand identity and strategic positioning, it is time to channel your new-found brand voice in your digital communication.
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Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Safeguarding your digital assets starts well before potential disaster strikes. Threat awareness helps people recognise and respond to potential threats in your company environment. Threat awareness training teaches them to identify potential warning signs or indicators of a threat and how to take appropriate action to protect themselves and others.
Behaviour alignment is the ultimate goal for safeguarding digital assets. It ensures that your people's behaviour is consistent with your company's privacy and cybersecurity expectations and values. 

Explore our courses to help build the best-in-place safeguarding measures to secure your digital assets.

Becoming GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliance is an existential business need and an opportunity for growing your business through creating a trustworthy brand. Start with the essentials.
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Updating Your GDPR Compliance

This online course brings together all the necessary information you need to start safeguarding your digital workspace with easy-to-implement, practical steps
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Cybersecurity for Remote Workers

Develop your remote workers into cyber defenders. This course covers the essential IT security concepts, tools, and best practices for best-in-place remote work.
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The materials empower you to implement necessary measures and adopt vital skills to secure your business in cyberspace and radiate digital trust to ensure business growth.

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