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Cyberconnecting helps you tap into your Cyberpower to boost business growth. As a business leader, you have the privilege and responsibility to establish a digital workplace culture that encompasses key principles of cybersecurity and privacy.

This not only safeguards your business in cyberspace, it also provides an opportunity to build a trustworthy brand. Our resources are designed to provide guidance and ongoing support in gaining a competitive advantage through establishing digital trust.

Today, clients seek cybersavvy partners. Take this expectation further by impressing your clients with comprehensive cyberunderstanding in addition to your expertise. With Cyberconnecting you have easy access to the intelligence you need to keep your remote business safe. We assist you in winning your clients’ trust.

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​Priya E. Abraham is the founder of Cyberconnecting. She is a coach, digital transformation strategist and privacy advisor, with extensive IT expertise. Priya brings 20+ years of experience in global business across industries, working with established enterprises and start-ups.

In addition to holding a PhD in Business Anthropology and an MBA, she is an accredited Data Protection Officer. Priya has lived and worked in Europe, Russia, the U.S and MENA. Her experience in all things remote is brought to life in her products and services. As a coach, Priya focuses on practical and implementable steps to help your business succeed in the cyberconnected world.

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​Put your mind to rest by properly safeguarding your remote business.

The ebook ‘Your Cyberpower. How to Safeguard Your Remote Business’ is the solopreneur’s guide to cybersavviness. It answers your most pressing questions on cybersecurity, data protection, and on-the-road safety. All in simple and understandable language, hands-on advice included.

Your Cyberpower

Your Cyberpower.
​How to Safeguard Your Remote Business


Clients Testimonials


“Dr Priya has been an outstanding spokesperson for the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency programme. Her advice on cybersavviness is inspiring, concise and relevant for businesses or public organisations of all sizes and backgrounds. Time and time again, Dr Priya has proved herself as an excellent public speaker at various events and conferences.”

Mats Kuuskemaa
Head of Business Strategy


“Cyberconnecting was pivotal in our business transformation by crystallising our brand identity while helping us safeguard our digital assets. Priya’s expertise in all things, cybersecurity and privacy is outstanding. Her research-based, data-driven brand identity development tool helped surface our key strengths and the Cyberconnecting roadmap provided clear guidance for implementation. We were able to focus on what really mattered in the transformation process during a busy schedule.”

Oliver Gasser

IKM Midsun

“Dr Priya knew exactly how to read between the lines and understood the needs and the potential of our business, which is a really complex one.”

Imad Kanouni

MW Advising

“I am an expert at a lot of things, but not everything. Enter, Dr. Priya E. Abraham, founder and owner of Cyberconnecting. Her business model and cybersecurity expertise has helped my business grow 50% in less than a year. She has an incredible approach using learning models and coaching to help you get to the heart of your own expertise and business niche. Dr. Abraham will help you design a business that isn’t just successful but represents the heart and passion of your expertise and you. This is a process that will show you success quickly and include fun and joy as well.”

Dr. Marya Wilson

BIM Trevor McHugh

“I connected with Priya through a webinar presentation and I then worked with her creating my business growth strategy, finding my ideal paying clients, branding and boosting growth, safeguarding digital assets and GDPR compliance. Priya is both business and tech savvy and I would highly recommend that companies avail of her professional services.”

Trevor Mc Hugh
Founder and CEO of BIM Working

IKM Midsun

“The guidelines and pinpoints from Priya helped me structure a better marketing strategy and have a clearer path I should follow to attract more customers.”

Jacqueline Lopez
Marketing Manager

Today’s world of work moves at ever increasing speed. Discover the essentials of self-management, identity-projection, and cybersavviness.

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