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We help business leaders and their teams succeed in the remote world of work. 

The most common challenges that remote & hybrid leaders faced in the year 2022 and what they need help with are culture, collaboration, engagement and motivation. Above all, to ensure continuous successful remote and hybrid work, a cybersecurity and privacy mindset is crucial for your remote culture. Unlocking this unique combination is what we at Cyberconnecting do best. 

Our unique solutions specifically help you:
Progress to a truly remote business to outperform any in-person company
Build a positive company culture for better collaboration, engagement and performance
Establish a privacy mindset for your remote teams to safeguard your digital assets before day one
In co-creation, we empower you and your teams to implement the necessary measures and adopt the vital skills to progress your company to the new work and lifestyle, harvesting all its benefits.

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Our services are designed for you to capitalise on remote work. Leaders face many challenges transitioning to remote: business design, leadership and culture, privacy and cybersecurity. Discover how we can help with hands-on solutions based on research and practical experience.

Optimising Business Performance

Outperform any in-person company by transforming your business to remote-first. Start with a business design analysis prior to action. In alignment with your unique strategic positioning, you will achieve compelling results.
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Creating Thriving 

Create a company culture where people and business thrive. Discover the inclusive Vaeliou culture analytics developed for 21st-century leaders to boost engagement and collaboration to remain competitive.
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Ensuring Business Continuity

Business continuity starts with everyone’s awareness of potential threats in the company. Our hands-on cybersecurity and privacy solutions help leaders and remote workers implement crucial measures to mitigate risk.
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Accelerate Business Success with OKRs

Aligning organisational goals with individual and team objectives is vital for driving success and growth within a company. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) provide a structured and practical approach for achieving this alignment. By co-creating with your teams, implement a visionary, holistic, and values-driven approach that guides them towards growth and prosperity.
At Cyberconnecting, we advocate a holistic, hands-on approach to drive success with OKRs, emphasising three essential ingredients.
Designed for leaders and teams.
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Get the Cyberpower Ebook

Enable your remote workers to follow the mandated privacy and cybersecurity measures to safeguard your digital assets and, by that, ensure business continuity. The Cyberpower ebook is the perfect introduction to data protection and cybersecurity for people on the go.

Your Cyberpower. 
How To Safeguard Your Remote Business

The ultimate guide for digital nomads and remote workers to answer the most pressing questions on
cybersecurity and privacy, and
on-the-road safety.
Easy to understand, tech- and legal-free language.
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  • “Dr Priya has been an outstanding spokesperson for the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency programme. Her advice on cybersavviness is inspiring, concise and relevant for businesses or public organisations of all sizes and backgrounds. Time and time again, Dr Priya has proved herself as an excellent public speaker at various events and conferences.”

    Mats Kuuskemaa

    Head of Business Strategy
  • “Cyberconnecting was pivotal in our business transformation by crystallising our brand identity while helping us safeguard our digital assets. Priya’s research-based, data-driven tools helped surface our key strengths and the Cyberconnecting roadmap provided clear guidance for implementation. We were able to focus on what really mattered in the transformation process during a busy schedule.”

    Oliver Gasser

    Founder and CEO
  • "Dr Priya knew exactly how to read between the lines and understood the needs and the potential of our business, which is a really complex one in a highly specialised industry.

    The guidelines and pinpoints from Priya helped us structure a better strategy and have a clearer path to pursue.”

    Imad Kanouni

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