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​Priya E. Abraham is the founder of Cyberconnecting. She is a mentor, digital transformation strategist and privacy advisor, with extensive IT expertise. Priya brings 20+ years of experience in global business across industries, working with established enterprises and start-ups.

In addition to holding a PhD in Business Anthropology and an MBA, she is an accredited Data Protection Officer. Priya has lived and worked in Europe, Russia, the U.S and MENA. Her experience in all things remote is brought to life in her products and services. In her work, Priya focuses on practical and implementable steps to help your business succeed in the remote world of work.
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She, Who Walks The Talk

Having worked remotely for more than ten years before the start of the pandemic led Priya to package her research, frameworks, and models for the benefit of remote work solutions. She acknowledged the challenges many leaders had with transitioning to remote and designed products and services in
business design
leadership and culture
privacy and cybersecurity.
Her two publications best reflect Priya's strategic thinking and cosmopolitan outlook.

Priya's Publications

One is an academic subject matter book called Cyberconnecting: The Three Lenses of Diversity. Written for business leaders, Priya explains how to establish meaningful work relationships across technological, cultural and social boundaries. It's the foundation for building a company culture where people and business can thrive, captured in the Vaeliou solution.

The other is a hands-on guide she wrote for digital nomads and remote workers. It is called Your Cyberpower. How To Safeguard Your Remote Business. It helps nomads and remote workers understand the basics of cybersecurity and privacy in easy-to-understand language.

Learn more about the foundation for remote work success and its underlying research in Priya's book, “Cyberconnecting. The Three Lenses of Diversity,” aimed at organisations establishing meaningful connections across technological, cultural and social boundaries.

The Three Lenses Of Diversity.

Priya E. Abraham shows how seemingly opposing domains (technology, business anthropology and diversity) best leverage interactions for the benefit of organisation development, using findings from practitioner-focused research conducted when leading complex cross-boundary projects in the tele-communications and mobile learning industries. 

Tools from business anthropology help uncover people’s diverse needs and expectations in a cyberconnected world. Identity portfolios need reflection in development solutions of face-to-face and mobile applications. Solutions uncovered by qualitative research methods help close the gap between human behaviour and tech to engage internal and external stakeholders. 

The book presents a much-needed strategic framework required for cyberconnecting, designed to organise thinking in the navigation of technological, cultural, and social boundaries.
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Learn more about the hands-on guide for digital nomads and remote workers. It is called Your Cyberpower. How To Safeguard Your Remote Business. It helps nomads and remote workers understand the basics of cybersecurity and privacy in easy-to-understand language.

Your Cyberpower. 
How To Safeguard Your Remote Business

The ultimate guide for digital nomads and remote workers to answer the most pressing questions on
cybersecurity and privacy, and
on-the-road safety.
Easy to understand, tech- and legal-free language.
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  • “Dr Priya has been an outstanding spokesperson for the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency programme. Her advice on cybersavviness is inspiring, concise and relevant for businesses or public organisations of all sizes and backgrounds. Time and time again, Dr Priya has proved herself as an excellent public speaker at various events and conferences.”

    Mats Kuuskemaa

    Head of Business Strategy
  • “Cyberconnecting was pivotal in our business transformation by crystallising our brand identity while helping us safeguard our digital assets. Priya’s research-based, data-driven tools helped surface our key strengths and the Cyberconnecting roadmap provided clear guidance for implementation. We were able to focus on what really mattered in the transformation process during a busy schedule.”

    Oliver Gasser

    Founder and CEO
  • "Dr Priya knew exactly how to read between the lines and understood the needs and the potential of our business, which is a really complex one. The guidelines and pinpoints from Priya helped us structure a better strategy and have a clearer path to pursue.”

    Imad Kanouni

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