Safeguard your remote business

The ultimate guide for digital nomads and remote workers to answer the most pressing questions on

  • cybersecurity and privacy, and
  • on-the-road safety in

Easy to understand, tech- and legal-free language.


Are you a remote worker or a digital nomad? Then for you – more than anyone else – data is currency and data loss equals earnings loss.

This ebook answers your most pressing questions on cybersecurity, data protection, and on-the-road safety. It uses simple and understandable language and it delivers hands-on advice. It includes:


60+ pages of cyberpower tactics to build trust with your clients


Tried and tested, easy-to-implement solutions for busy entrepreneurs


How to keep your business safe and establish a memorable brand


Simple-to-understand language without any tech or legal jargon

Ready to implement the most urgent measures while reading?

Learn how to build your digital trust brand.

Get the bundle and use the Cyberpower worksheets – to help you implement the most critical measures. They instantly make your remote business cyber-resilient. The bundle includes:


All of the above


PLUS: The ‘Cyberpower Brand Identity’ bonus chapter


PLUS: The accompanying Cyberpower worksheets