Optimising Business Design

Leveraging remote-first and strategic positioning

Remote work has existed for more than a decade at various maturity levels. Remote-first has finally become the winner in combatting unpredictable market and workplace challenges. At the beginning of the shift to remote work, leaders and team members accepted that 'work would happen at home' for a while. Still, they replicated what they were doing in the office in a 'remote' setting, mostly leading to fatigue and poor results. The lack of a clearly defined roadmap and measures makes the transformation a costly gamble.

A successful transformation to a remote-first business model can give a company a competitive advantage. However, such a transformation has its challenges. It involves rethinking how the business is structured and operates to take full advantage of the flexibility and cost savings that a remote-first model can offer.

The key to a successful transformation to a remote-first business model is approaching it with a clear understanding of its potential benefits and challenges.

Consequently, successful transformation needs careful planning and analysis to ensure that all aspects of the business are acknowledged. The roadmap resulting from the carefully conducted analysis is the guidance for proper implementation.

Harvest immediate benefits from the Strategic Positioning Analysis and the Remote Readiness Assessment and their underlying methodologies to maximise the benefits while minimising potential negative impacts.

Optimising Business Design for Success

Determining Strategic Positioning

Determine your company's unique position in the market for its offerings, target audience and overall value proposition. Identify any unique strengths or opportunities your company has, and use these to develop a clear and compelling value proposition to set your company apart from its competitors. Create a clear and differentiated market position that will help you attract and retain customers and, ultimately, drive business growth and success.
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Assessing Remote Readiness

The Remote Business Maturity Assessment helps business leaders evaluate the organisation's remote readiness to unlock the benefits of remote work. We assess the digital maturity of your processes and leadership capabilities and report on their effectiveness for remote-first. For this purpose, we introduce the 5-stages Digital Maturity model and the connected Cyberconnecting Remote Business Maturity Assessment.
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