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Researching Destinations Regarding Safety

As a solopreneur you are carrying your business (i.e. your equipment) with you. Keeping an eye on safety is of critical importance for your physical safety as well as your business continuity.

​Here are some selected services for your research:

Nomad List
World Nomads
Foreign Travel Advice


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This uniquely powerful solution is a must-have in your security toolbox. VPNs are essential for remote workers and digital nomads, as many of us regularly use airport, hostel/hotel or co-working WiFis.​

For practical tools and a list of trusted VPN providers, check here what suits your needs best:

Nord VPN
Express VPN​
Hide My Ass
Private Internet Access


Data Backups

What is the best way to back up my computer?

Need further guidance for PC backups? We found this comprehensive article to have some great tips for backing up your computer – advice for both Windows and Mac users included.

5 ways to back up your data

Informed decisions are the best decisions – Lifewire has also compiled a great overview of different methods for backing up your data. In addition to some practical references for cloud storage providers, the article includes pros and cons for each of the outlined methods.


Appropriate Insurance

Look after your own global safety net that meets your needs as a digital nomad or remote worker. The following services are typically provided for: medical, travel, and lost, stolen or damaged belongings, and some have a community service such as connecting with like-minded travelers.

​Check here what suits you best:

Safety Wing
World Nomads
Travel Guard


Password Manager

You can keep all your passwords in a special, encrypted programme called password manager. It eliminates the need to remember a long list of unique passwords.

For practical tools and a list of trusted online password management providers check here what suits your needs best:

Sticky Password


Personal Hotspots

Tethering guides for Android and iPhones

Time to get practical! Check out the tethering guides for both Android and iPhones – depending on your specific needs.

A Guide to Public Wifi Security Risks & How to Use it Safely

This great resource by SurfShark provides a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated overview of public Wifi risks and a guide to safe usage. We recommend checking it out!

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