How Cyber Aware Are You?

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Privacy, Safeguard your business

Cyber aware solopreneurs and leaders, appreciate that they are fully responsible for their cybersecurity and data protection. Digital nomads, who travel frequently, need to be particularly cautious about preventing data breaches. This could, for example, result from a lost or stolen device.

Preventing Data Breaches

Beyond prevention, however, there is a general tone that you set for your business as well. As the head of cybersecurity of your business, you play a key role in developing your brand reputation as one that meets service standards of privacy that users would choose over your competitors.

Unfortunately, the topics of cybersecurity and data protection are anything but straightforward and easy to comprehend. For example, the legal details on privacy, especially when it comes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are often written in complex legal jargon. This creates an environment of constant concern for solopreneurs about not meeting these regulations and getting into legal trouble.

So how can you ensure that both your data and your client’s data are safe and secure?

Challenges in Cyberspace Today

Today, solopreneurs and digital nomads are facing an increasing number of challenges in ensuring the safety of their business – such as the shortage of resources. Meanwhile, the requirements for safety are almost equal to those of larger enterprises.

As a Data Protection Officer, I have first-hand experience with the complexity of the compliance landscape. And specifically the requirements of the GDPR, which concerns any business that processes the personal data of European citizens, irrespective of their location. My education as a cyber anthropologist has also made me aware of the behaviour of both solopreneurs and users in cyberspace and how it poses a threat to not only themselves, but their networks and users.

Introducing: The Cyberpower Challenge

While working on the ebook Your Cyberpower: How to Safeguard Your Remote Business a few years ago, I had the opportunity to engage with various business leader focus groups in Europe and North America. These interactions gave life to the idea of an online security checklist. People – and business owners in particular – love checklists. They greatly assist with time management, simplifying complex tasks, instilling discipline and good habits. They are also an efficient way to complete repetitive tasks, and help reduce anxiety. Further down the line, the research for this checklist contributed to the actionable online challenge: The 3-day Cyberpower Challenge.

Join the Cyberpower Academy to upgrade your brand identity and brand security.

With my background in anthropology, my team and I applied best practice ethnographic research methods to develop an accessible platform. The aim is to help guard clients against most common cyberthreats. In other words, we took traditional field research methods such as interviews, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and participant observation and translated them to the digital space. We achieved this with a mix of small and big data as in surveys, landing pages, online interviews and analytics.

One of our findings from the research was that users want an action plan to follow-up on the key learning. Eventually, this led to the free Cyberpower Challenge format. This includes three Challenge Days. Each day is wrapped up with actionable steps, allowing you to immediately start making your business cyber savvy.

Learn how to safeguard your digital business with the Cyberpower Academy

This is the free package now available on the Cyberpower Academy:

  • Accessible and actionable knowledge gathered into one easy-to-use platform.
  • Easy-to-implement solutions that have been tested to suit busy digital nomads and solopreneurs.
  • Further resources available on the Cyberpower Academy for brand development and implementation of more advanced cybersecurity and privacy measures.

Taking First Steps Towards Compliance and Cybersecurity

I have seen many digital nomads and solopreneurs hit a stumbling block in their cybersecurity. My goal is to raise awareness for the potential risks and threats posed to these businesses, including data breaches. I also seek to provide a head start to becoming more cyber aware and take the first steps towards compliance. Users are becoming increasingly conscious about how their data is handled and cyberthreats are becoming more acute. As such, developing your cyber awareness is a winning strategy for digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

About the author:  Priya E. Abraham

Priya E. Abraham is the founder of Cyberconnecting and author of ‘Your Cyberpower. How to Safeguard Your Remote Business’. She is a digital transformation strategist, privacy advisor, and mentor. Priya brings 20+ years of experience in global business across industries, working with established enterprises and start-ups. In addition to holding a PhD in Business Anthropology and an MBA, she is an accredited Data Protection Officer. Priya has lived and worked in Europe, Russia, the U.S. and MENA. Her experience in all things remote is brought to life in her products and services.