Unlocking Your Unique Brand Identity

The Brand Identity Development Tool

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Build your business on authenticity
  • Data-driven and science-backed

Do you know the elements that make up your core identity? Or how your core identity manifests in the brand of your business? Start exploring now!

The exploration of your brand identity is the essential first step in developing your elevator pitch and the unique selling narrative of your brand.

In the era of accelerated digitalisation – a strong, authentic and well-communicated brand becomes a reliable source for achieving a competitive edge. Research shows that 12 identity elements are the key success factors for growing your Cyberpower Brand.

The Brand Identity Tool is the proven method to uncover the identity elements that you activate the most as well as the elements that you could still tap into for further business growth.

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1. Receive your personal
identity map

3. Schedule sessions
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The full offering includes:

  • Access to the unique Brand Identity Tool questionnaire
  • A detailed and personalised report based on your answers
  • Explanatory descriptions for each identity element
  • A 30-min coaching session with Dr. Priya E. Abraham to discuss your results and further steps.